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Endless hot water used instant electric hot water heater tankless intelligent shower water heater
110000kcal water heater and 426kBTU evaporator is used for 50HP heat pump air conditioners to carry 125kw heat between the boths
DN20 3-way 2-position reverse valve is used shift refrigerant flow in high and low pressure pipelines or evaporators/condensers
12000BTU water heater is used in air/water source heat pump for floor heating, replace gas burner/electric water heaters
77400kcal water heater & 90kw liquid cooler heat exchanger working assemblies complete is used for 35HP scroll compressor units
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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 12 Plates Water heater Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger Used for Gas Boilers
Swimming Pool Heat pump pool heater Air To Water Heat Pump R32 used in Hotels Showering Spa pools
Free Shipping 80cm PVC Staircase Handrail Heating Blanket Used for Stair Handrail
Evaporating pressure regulator is used in precision temperature controls, including water chillers and heat pump water heaters
10KW/8600kcal between water and propylene glycol PHE is used in wall hanging furnances for bath room & kitchen in high latitudes
2150kcal water heater matching 1HP hermetic compressor is used in 2.5kw heat pump water chillers to get 9000BTU heating for bath
0.6sqm stainless steel plate heat exchanger is used for 5~10kw evaporator of water chiller or condenser of heat pump heater
Temperature operated water valves with BSP 1G connection are used in hydronic system to keep terminal unit temperature stable
10 Plates Heat Exchanger 304 Plate Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Used for Vaillant Gas Boilers Replacement
Temperature operated water valves can be used in solar/ steam/gas burner/ boiler water heater to get constant temp. water
Thermo. operated water valves can be used in Food processing equipments,  Biomass boilers and Hydraulic systems for regulating
11000kcal condenser of heat pump water heater matching 5HP hermetic compressors is used for 44000BTU / 13KW liquid heating units
Thermo. operated water valves are used in direct heating devices to keep water outlet temperature stable, such as heat pump unit
6450kcal heat exchanger kits of heat pump water heater matching 3HP AC compressor is used for 24000BTU or 8KW heating units
11000KCAL heat transfer between refrigerant and water PHE is used in 3.5HP water source R410 heat pump water heaters or chillers
12 Plates Heat Exchanger 304 Plate Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Used for Gas Boilers
20bar general purpose 2-Way DN15 Solenoid Valves are used as actor of automation system in water supply in hydronic heating
8L Digital Gas Water Heater Propane LPG Efficient Energy Saving On-demand Tankless Water Heater Widely Used